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Facebook’s Newsfeed chooses YOU

You can View the press video here.
Facebook just had a much anticipated press event where it announced a re-vamped newsfeed where news stories were highlighted and we would get mobile consistency. I’m sure Robert Scoble has his hands on it already, but more so, it makes the users curators of their feeds and highlights friends “news stories”.

I just posted on my FB my thoughts. I see this as a part of that the future of media is being created right now and this new time makes the users the ones to get highlighted and “crowdsharing” will be the source of popularizing wht media holds important.
Are you the power holder to future of media? I think so …let’s just see what that means. It just might mean ad agencies will be paying more bloggers and community managers to infiltrate into the friend group of the influencers of social media.

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