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2014 Millennium Prize Nominations: Who Will Get the Peak?

This is the official video that was released January 2013 to state that Technology Academy of Finland (TAF) has started accepting nominations for 2014’s candidate to receive prestigious Millennium Prize. The prize is one of the most prestigious prizes for science and technology.  TAF awards this award every second year for :

“international recognition of technological innovation that improves the quality of human life and promotes sustainable development”

The call for nominations will close on the 31st of July, and as in the past, the winner would attain the modern and unique designed trophy called “peak” that is designed by Finish sculptor Helena Hietanen along with a prize pool.  Last year’s prize pool was 1.2 million euros which were divided between the two winners.
The 2012 award was given to both Linus Torvalds (creator of open source OS Linux) and Shinya Yamanaka (IPS Stem Cell Method) to celebrate the decade of the award’s existence.  Given the prestige and accomplishments of the last recipients, who do you think deserves to win the prize in 2014?

You can view more about TAF at their site:

Who Deserves to Win 2014's Millennium Prize?

Who Deserves to Win 2014’s Millennium Prize?

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