This site has gone through many stages.  Currently it is being posted on after a 3 years hiatus, during which Naureen Nayyar became more interested in the future of humanity, and the future technology that will make many of the things we value now obsolete, but also make our lives more efficient and (who knows) better.

The Author’s start:

Born in foreign lands, raised in southern California, and currently living in San Francisco.  She currently focuses on vlogging and blogging about tech culture.  Her current goal is to put all these journalistic videos/ posts and the likes into an online space that allows for years of collecting information of the lives of some of the major makers of our time.   Her passion for research, sociology, and technology have drawn her towards making her own tech history project.

Below are the pieces of information that created this blog in the beginning, a space to document her one major “escape from tech world” by living in a village in Madagascar.  The position was also a means to help create a video of life in the beautiful country.

Her first book report was on Madagascar, and by chance, getting chosen as 6 individuals to volunteer for WWF’s Youth Volunteer Program in Madagascar landed her in Madagascar in 2008.  A  year later, she tried to put those images down on these virtual sheets, and began writing about the stories and experiences that led her to crave a return to this exotic island.

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, with a large population of endemic species (5% of the world’s species that don’t live elsewhere) that cause it to be the number 1 hotspot for biodiversity for its size.

To say the least it is a dream come true for any child, adult, or dreamer who desires to explore and view a land full of exotic and interesting animals and people.  If one can learn something from it, it is the beautify of keeping our precious wildlife existent and these endemic species alive in their natural habitat.

WWF, Conservation International, and various local NGO work to promote better ways of rice cultivation, and repercussions of tavy (slash and burn) to the forest and the needs of the people as well as the wildlife.  Madagascar has been called the red island due to the erosion that has been occuring for ages that cause mass amounts of soil to be washed away into the ocean and rivers, causing it to look “red” from space.

Nora at Ice Hotel Canada

Nora at Ice Hotel Canada

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