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Future Friday : My BIL Talk Tomorrow on Future Tech Media

My reports via a robot?

My reports via a robot?

Tomorrow I am giving a talk  at BIL where I am really asking the audience, and all those who read my question here, on twitter, and my facebook page and the likes:  

What does the future of media look like?

Thus far, my talk seems to be covering a few things:  

  • What sort of devices will we use to share information?
  • How will the information we share now differ from that in the future?
  • How will we be able to use new plugins and the like to check the validity of the information?
  • Also, what will “media” exactly be in the future?

Some folks responded.  One of the things I talked about a few weeks ago with friends seem to be gaining traction, which is the sort of wearable tech devices that will allow the world to consume and create new media.  Much like vine, and the potentials of MYO, google glass will allow people to not just use gestures and their voice, but their visuals that are shown through a camera on google glass, to document the world around them.  Soon the journalists of today will be more curators.  Those are social media evangelists now might just become the future news curators, or maybe, they already are the ones creating the news trends and hyping the popular ideas and stories into our twitter and social network feed.

I said it the other day, crowdsharing will be huge.  The world of connectivity on the internet might just be able to gain traction via new leaders and voices too.  Well, that’s until they get bought over by big companies.

What does the future tech media look like to you?  Please share your comments on this post, or tweet at me!

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