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Earlier this year, Edge put out the annual question topic for this year being “What should we be Worrying about”. My housemate, Michael Vassar was among the notable people chosen from diverse backgrounds to  answer this particular question.  “These complex and sophisticated minds” get to tackle this question in their own ways.  Although many of them went for tackling questions nearer to their disciplines, Vassar and also well-known physicists Garrett Lisi, took it upon themselves to provide a different view to it all. Here I share a link to what Vassar wrote, as it deals with reminding ourselves to help stop the situations such as what happened to Aaron Swartz.

Action to Create


Below is what Vassar wrote as a facebook wall status update regarding the question he had initially posted, minutes later, this was posted with edits to the actual Edge site. Here is the link to the edited version of that essay:



I wished to just share both for you all who wish to read them both. The edit really just deletes the last paragraph and takes out the mention of specific people, such as Aaron Swartz.

I wrote this essay for the Edge Question Center, in response to their annual question “What Should We Be Worried About?”

Unsurprisingly, given the tone, they didn’t put it up there. You can probably see why, but I think it’s worth reading.

Authoritarian Submission

No-one really knows what we should be worried about. The smartest people around seem to generally think the answer is machine intelligence. They may be…

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