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Citizen Science Wins!? uBiome Successfully Gains Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Jessica Richman, Zac Apte, and Will Ludington

uBiome founders: Jessica Richman, Zac Apte, and Will Ludington

Today some great friends ended their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. uBiome’s Jessica Richman, and her co-founders: Dr. Zachary Apte, and Dr. William Ludington, have all managed to not just pull of a successful campaign, but they were the “FIRST citizen science project to sequence the human microbiome. Their project is available internationally in 196 countries, and has helped put the idea of crowdfunding for science into a brighter light.

The campaign was even extended due to demand. Jessica and Zac initially met while doing a program in Chile for entrepreneurs. Little did the world know their adoration for each other and science might lead to such a huge step towards new optimism for science. Their site toots an adorable photo of the trio jumping in front of (what looks like) the UCSF building, with white large font stating FOR SCIENCE!.

So What is their project? It is an opportunity for the citizens of this planet to be personally involved in science, hence the concept of it being citizen science. The project will help the uBiome team gain access to data of people from all over the world’s dietary and “microbial” ongoings.

I plan to keep following their amazing journey, but also hope to have more people who are interested in their project reach out to them. What are some things you wish to learn about your microbes if you are participating in this project?
Recently NPR did a piece on the trio, that you can find here.

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