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San Francisco Valentine’s Street Spotting: Flowers and Men

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne

Spotted: Flowers and attractive men on the streets of SF, sometimes both of them together. Since tech culture exploded, this city might be majorly tech, and known more for the shy than the high strung and loud but the city has always offered a getaway for many to rekindle romance and the wandering eyes can still find dashing men walking through Union Square.


Valentine's Gift in a red bag, young urban guy bikes home from work.

Valentine’s Gift in a red bag, young urban guy bikes home from work.

… I thought I would take a break from women 2.0 to get a glimpse of what the city streets still offer wandering eyes…

Here is a link to all the photos I got from this experience.  I plan to share a link to more photos as I capture more attractive people in the streets of SF.

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