Thursday Tip for Autistic Men and the Like

mango heart shape I photographed in Myanmar’s Mandalay.

*Note: If you are the bearer of the compliment, be kind enough to accept it, this is also a good day not to be a Grinch or negative about anyone approaching you with kindness.

Social experiments where one interacts with strangers are easier to do on days when everyone is aware of some social event/holiday is taking place.  Today is Valentine’s Day.  The idea day to talk to anyone you can by just giving them a candy and saying “Happy V Day, what plans?”, would work today … Does this sound hard for you to do? Good.  If you’re severely shy or math-inclined, then take it as an order from me to do the following:

Purchase Candy: Get candy from some place like Walgreen’s during lunch or after work, then put a bunch of the candy in your pockets or the like.  I would recommend not looking like you stepped just out of bed when approaching these men or women, (not all gay guys are extroverted for all of you who are shocked I added or men).

Stand in an area that you’re well aware is frequented by lots of those from the gender you would really like to make out with before next month ends.

Relax and Approach: Now, just smile and approach a couple individuals with candy in your hands, if you had assortment of dark, milk, and other, it would be ideal if you ask me.  Also, based on the sort of men or women you want to meet, I’d recommend getting some higher end chocolates or maybe even chocolate covered strawberries and trying to reach a few of them and giving yourself some sort of “hand gesture” that is equivalent to high-five when you accomplish this.  Having some sort of positive reinforcement for doing a difficult action can be very beneficial in your overall social increase.  I am not opposed to one drinking a glass of wine before doing this, but giving out chocolates when drunk is not the ideal way to meet men you would want to know.

Make small talk: Smile, Say Greeting, and ask “How are you spending tonight?” If they have no plans, then ask if they have a bf or something, and if they seem like they are interested, you should say something genuine like, “I don’t take chances enough, so I decided to do this.  If you want company, maybe a walk or something sometime, let me know! I guess we work/live near each other.”

Keep it casual.  Don’t be deterred if the woman is not into you, you’ll find someone if you ask enough individuals these questions for a bit… There is a date for everyone, some are not the most exciting, but hey, it’s a great way to increase your social interactions with those who are at least interested in you a bit more than just friends.


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