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San Francisco as Never Seen Before in 4k ultraHD

Teton Gravity Research Aerial Reel – The Bay Area in 4K from Teton Gravity Research on Vimeo.

This video by Teton Gravity Research (TGR), is an Aerial Reel of San Francisco Bay shot in 4K/UltraHD shot with the world’s most gyrostabilized camera platform, the GSS C520.

I am posting a link to a site that can help you understand why gyro stabilization system (GSS) is better than other stabilizations for getting rid of shaky camera images.

“’The GSS C520 is the most highly sophisticated 4K digital cinema system in the world,” adds Todd Jones, TGR co-founder. “This platform has the potential to redefine aerial cinematography at the highest levels of filmed entertainment and reshape the way we see motion pictures.’”

The footage of San Francisco is breathtaking, and was such a beautiful capture of the city, that I felt like sharing this with all of you, as it truly captures the sort of moments that have made many of us fall in love with this city.

SF City View via TGR's GSS C520

SF City View via TGR’s GSS C520


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