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Ouya launch: Julie is awesome!

While the tech world was going nuts over women not represented, one team was hard at work being the most epic thing at GDC ouya!!… Oh I’m talking about OUYA, the product concept of the awesome founder Julie Uhrman. Ouya is a gaming open network for all developers.

Below is from their press release:

“Julie Uhrman is a video game entrepreneur. She is founder and CEO of OUYA — an innovative gaming console that enables any developer to
publish a console game by bringing the mobile app model to the TV. OUYA is a powerful, beautifully designed, open and inexpensive alternative to traditional game consoles.”

Ouya made press initially for the whopping 8.5 million, or so, it made on kickstarter. The product was designed by fuseproject which over a year time had an ebb and flow of 10-15 people working on usability testing, product design and all that jazz to make the console be what it became. Fuseproject was started by Yves Béhar, and has received numerous industrial design awards for their work. Their includes brands such as Birkenstock, Microsoft, Nike, and Swarovski.

I got to get a few images of Julie Uhrman tonight at their exclusive party. One guy shouted at her: “Julie for President!” And everyone was pumped… Julie is definitely one woman that’s kicking butt and gaining success in the gaming world.




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