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FF: Water Day Plastic Wave, Advancing Humanity, Gamer Heaven (GDC) & More

It’s Friday again!  Wow, I wasn’t ready for the fast pace of this week.  No better way to start the weekend than with a SPLASH.

Feature Friday: World Water Day, GDC, and Stanford Advancing Humanity Symposium

Feature Friday: World Water Day, GDC, and Stanford Advancing Humanity Symposium

Ride a Plastic wave with

Ride a Plastic wave with, photo via @dopperUS

March 22 is World Water Day:

Today happens to be World Water Day and the folks at Dopper Foundation are hoping bay area folks can help promote this day with some moves of their own. Dopper Foundation has helped make a 14 foot wave out of 6,000 single use plastic bottles and placed in at the UN Plaza! Passersby can stop and get their photo taken riding this plastic wave to help tweet/social media out their support for World Water Day 2013.  The Dopper Foundation is the foundation part of Dopper that helps support water projects in Nepal and promote water conservancy.  According to their site,  10% sales from Dopper bottles goes towards funding projects that are part of the Dopper Foundation.  The organization launched their US chapter just recently, and tweeted at Richard Branson to come check out their UN Plaza installation.

Brandon Whale talks on future media

Brandon Whale talks on future media

2nd Annual Advancing Humanity Symposium @ Stanford:

If your Saturday didn’t seem already packed enough, you might want to take some time to think about the future of humanity.  Saturday from 1030AM, students from Stanford Transhumanist Association are hosting the second annual Advancing Humanity Symposium.  Nine influential speakers will speak about how “emerging technologies and disruptive innovation may sculpt the near future of humanity.” The event is free for the public and posted on FB,  those wishing to join can register at :

The Stanford Tranhumanist Association was started Stanford students Brandon Whale, Andres Gomez Emilsson, and Juan-Carlos Foust.  They are currently working on their own media site they refer to as T3 (The Transhuman Times).

*Stay tuned for my coverage of the symposium.

2013 GDC looks promising! Get the app!

2013 GDC looks promising! Get the app!

 Game Developers Conference (GDC):

In case you make it out of the weekend alive and have a love for gaming, well then, I don’t likely have to remind you, that this coming week is the Game Developers Conference- GDC.  GDC is taking place March 25-29, 2013 this year, and this year has 7 tracks and 8 summits.  You can check out the conference schedule here and also find out how to register in case you somehow forgot to mark your calendar and can’t cope with missing GDC this year.  The expo pass at this point is 250 USD, but worth it if you’re someone who can get your value via free stuff at the expo.

What’s more?

There’s always more happening than people can keep up to do in SF, but also, you can find events happening around the world for world water day or tech-related near you at:

Naureen Nayyar @norabean

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