Getting Personal: TechLife in San Francisco and Dating

Living here is odd when you do media.  I am always at a conference and I’m constantly surrounded by men, but I definitely give the “don’t want to date a single one of you” vibe, which isn’t really true, but I like to separate professional and personal life. Unfortunately, now that I’m single, it feels a bit lonely. I’m not home much when I am really in “conference mode” and that leaves me feeling like my life is just out of a show.

So What are the Virtual Options?
I thought to use some of the various dating apps to find options to meet some interesting dates at the least.  The problem I see with this now, is that no one who is actually social and spontaneous like me would want to really use these apps, they would use it as “casually” as I do, which means, barely ever.  So, what does that do?  Well, the selection of similar people to date as me remains to be slim.

This week I am thinking to test out some of the dating apps.  If you know of any that I should try to use to meet let me know so I can add it to my “test list”.  Currently I have only met someone via highlight (they say it’s not for dating, but come on), and okcupid.
I figure if my life is media and media is my life, then I better just add some dating apps to my “tech research” section.
Sometimes I think I am living in a show that is Bridget Jones meets Big Bang Theory the science version.  I think we are on Episode 4 of Season 2.  Image

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