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Free Spirits Get Free Ice Cream @ Outside Lands

Originally Published Aug. 18, 2011 here at

This past weekend, over 60,000 people flocked to San Francisco’s Golden Gate park to view the art and listen to great music at the city’s biggest music festival of the year, Outside Lands. This year the line-up was amazing, it included major bands such as Phish, Muse, Deadmau5, Beirut, Arcade Fire, and many others. However, no festival is complete without ice cream, and people lined up around the block for their scoop of free festival ice cream. All the ice cream was courtesy of Matt Allen, who calls himself The Ice cream Man and his team of enthusiastic scoopin’ helpers.

Matt, aka the Icecreamman is based in Long Beach, CA and has been going to shows all over the country for over 5 years. His aim is to give out free ice cream, spread happiness and motivate others to fulfill their dreams. Ben & Jerry and Spotify are a few of his sponsors, but prior to that, he was a one man show! Not only does he spread happiness in music festivals, but he takes his free ice cream mantra to children’s hospitals, community events and more! Though currently serving only America, his goal one day is to travel the world, giving away FREE ice cream.

Many people stood in line and were shocked to hear that the ice cream was free. The idea of random acts of kindness is core to the magic of the Ice Cream Man. Thanks for making our days in the festival a bit sweeter!

To learn more about volunteering, his motivations and booking him for events visit his website or FB page.


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