I donated my weekend drinking money to helping people in Famine

There has been a famine going on in Horn of Africa and it is getting worse due to livestock dying and people not having money to buy food. There is food available, just no money to have them be able to pay for this food.  What is more awesome than giving up a bit of your indulgences for ONE weekend so others can get food to be alive?   Giving is awesome when it is small and yet EXTREMELY meaningful.  This planet needs us to work as a community, so I am happy to know someone like my friend Chloe Stull Lane, who has been living and working with Mercy Corps for a couple projects.  She is in charge for donations for this, so I felt it made me easier in trusting that my giving would go towards the help of those who need it the most.

Give up just your drinking expenditure for a weekend or going out dinner money amount and it can help save lives.  Bonus: I’ll give you guys a kiss if you give over 75usd! unsure who wants that, but felt someone might find that as a great incentive :).

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