I went Deep Sea Fishing.


My grandfather owned a shrimp factory when I was a kid.

I’ve always loved the ocean, and at a young age, I was exposed to the world of fishing, nets, and the business of seafood distribution. Yet, work, school, and life made it where I was not one to go fishing often.

Having time means fishing is more likely to be possible on a weekday. I bet you were having your morning coffee, when I managed to catch my first fish.

Ever since my Australia escape, I have had a weak stomach, so I wasn’t shocked when I was the first to be vomiting on the side of the boat. Yet, contrary to what others on the boat would assume that entailed, I managed to catch the most fish! Everyone else walked away with at most 6, but I walked away with 8 fish. I tended to regurgitate whatever was left in my system, then stand with my pole over the starboard side, and then return to sitting in a state of seasickness that got me happy that I was back on land by your lunch time.

For those who care for specifics, we met at the San Diego harbor around 9AM, and then paid for our poles, bait, and the fishing boat trip.  The captain took my friends and I off to southern San Diego and after one hour, we were all in Mexican waters.  Deep sea fishing is actually a lot more about intuition than patience.  Unlike fishing in a lake, a fisher(wo)man needs to be able to feel a slight pinch rather than tug of the line and quickly start reeling in the line.  I managed to even catch two rock fish at once!  

In the end I walked off the boat with five rockfish, and three white fish of some sort.  The fish were not that big, but it was a fantastic job for my first deep sea fishing experience!  That night we all had fish for dinner at my friend’s aunt’s house.  I think everyone managed to eat fish at my friend’s house for the rest of the week, but sadly as I was returning to SF, I ate limited of my caught fish.


The last photo is that of my best friend and I, later that night at the dinner party.

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