I Hung Out with Shirtless Aussie Men


Nothing like some sun times to get you desiring to wear less.

While you were working I hung out with some topless men.

Being shirtless in 90 degrees, definitely beats  when you’re in a suit and it is 90 degrees outside. Holiday seems to be all through the summertime in Australia. People really know how to let go and just enjoy life and even when people are working “proper jobs”, the aussies like to take time to profit from the sunny activities of their January vacation time.  I am pretty sure a few years into the situation, the novelty of it all would die and then I would not be fixated by the limited clothing.

I love hot weather and almost naked people.

It was nice to see my friends and also poke fun at one of them always being shirtless.  Laughter comes easy when I’m with my aussie mates.

(p.s: I think posterous took this down, but the first photo are my mates, and I’m pretty sure they don’t care how many people view them shirtless.  They are actually pretty awesome, 4 sons with happy disposition for life.)




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