I started to hang with friends & LIVE

This past few months were tough as I realized a lot of things I wanted to do as a person and dealt with the death (from old age and cancer) of my grandfather. My grandfather was a male figure in my life that taught me that life is to be felt. I went to many travels because of his stories and still think I will value my bond I had with him. Yet, he wasn’t perfect, nor is life, so I sat down one day to really analyze who I am with a level of honesty that made me aware of my strengths.

This period in my life made me ponder somethings, such as: What do I want in my life? Who are the friends I want to hang out with in ten years? What direction do I want to take my writing and life accomplishments?

The last two months have been condensed evolution! I’ve managed to have some deep friendship developments, see old friends, get new ones, listen to people I’d never have met if I was just at all the things I would be had I not changed my path. More importantly, I am on a great healthy path.

Personal well being and drive for success need not fit the norm. I took a break from everyone and yes, my writing, friendships (that required heavy communication) and obligations suffered, but in ten years from now, I’m pretty sure that none of that will matter. I’m sharing a photo of one of many serendipitous moments I had this past month. Some days were harder than others, but having support and taking time to meditate, and learn about myself definitely helped. I’m back to writing and my creative juices have benefitted from the craft hours, reading time, intellectual conversations, and exploration of San Francisco in an unfiltered fashion. When life seems to have a void, ask what are the things that are healthy to full that void. Yet, be aware to feel life means to struggle, get drained, but also triumph with a higher level of self appreciation than you might get from sitting on a couch and watching YouTube videos of others. I’m excited about the now and the future, so I hope whomever comes across this post is also seize the day!! Carpe Diem!


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