We got soaked in the rain

The rain in Austin does not discriminate.  It hits you whether you’re in the plains or in the hills.  I am happy to say that the wind was at least far less.

I am contemplating if i want to write about sxsw over here, or to start a blog to write about all my journals entries from interviews that did not make it into the Dutiee.com needs, and also those that might not be yet ready to put up at Startuplive.com   I feel this site is for my carefree observations, quick imaes to make others smile.  Unsure how many people ever come to here, but I do hope that you find something that makes you laugh or smile when ever you have a visit.

I shall be leaving on Friday for Thailand, to say the least, being back to San Francisco has been great. I love it a lot and plan to return soon.


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