I visited Milan: The future of Italy- Is it in Startups?

The buzz is always higher when you are around early adapters and those who even get what that means (it basically means people who are early in welcoming new technology/innovation to things).  Italy is currently been the talk in EU, the economic crisis always seeming close and the restlessness is definitely felt amongst even the intellectual in Milan, Italy's second largest city.

Yet, where does that leave the startup scene?  Talking to people like Francesco, who just returned recently from partaking in Singularity University in San Francisco Bay area, (Singuarlity University tries to provide 80 applicants who are chosen to tackle the big problems in the world) and he had many thoughts around the future of Italy.

"People are looking for change, and I think the youth are going to make things that are going to make things better."   Everyone here in the startuparty that I am attending has something to say about the future of Italy.  They are Milan's techy loving sort as in they are looking for outlets and ways to make this country better.  I am right now listening to the dance music and wondering what a different crowd it is to be here than San Francisco.  The passion of the Italian culture and the interest in starting startups is creating a buzz and making, as Stephania from Hub Milan stated, "fashionable to begin a startup."

I'm off to go have a chat with some other Singularity folks…Yet, I keep wondering, what will my techy adventure in Europe take me to do next? 


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