I celebrated World Water Day and Hung with the Podio team

March 22nd is World Water Day this year.  UN Water provides a map of events going on globally to mark this important celebration. Please view the map to find activities around your area.

You can learn more about the work being done with WaterAId in the USA at this site: http://oneweekforwater.org/?s=wateraiduksite

I signed up to attend a few different events, but also ended up working with something very different. I ended up working to promote podio with their team in Palo Alto. To learn more about the product at techcrunch.  

I apologize this is short, but I am having a serious adventure… Imagine you go to a gathering, meet some people, and then just decided to help them out and hang out with them to a point that you have slept only one hour and are right now wearing the company t-shirt and promoting them on the streets near Google HQ…That’s pretty much my state right now.


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