I got a Swedish massage.

I went to Kabuki Springs and Spa


It was amazing.

I got a robe, I headed into the lady’s locker room, changed into NOTHING, and then my friend and I were off to the bath house.

Inside the bath house it’s just a bunch of other women taking their “self” time and enjoying not being anywhere but in that moment. We lay in the sauna, steam room, a hot pool, and also some wooden benches. We relaxed inside the bath house for almost three hours before going off to get Swedish massages by some male masseuse.

To be honest, I was apprehensive, as the last time I got a male masseuse it felt awkward. So this time, I told myself to limit the interactions, act just as I would if he was a woman masseuse, and be happy in the release of the toxins being practically “massaged’ out of my body. I told him I wanted it to be more tough than gentle, but when it was done I felt amazing, but also as if I had just asked to be put into pain.

Both of us left feeling relaxed and a lot more “zen” than how the city felt outside the Kabuki Springs and Spa.


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