Back from a SF and Writing Hiatus

It’s October, and the city is getting ready for Halloween tomorrow.

I’ve been exploring. After taking a break of 2 years to go see more of Asia and understand from listening to others, I am back in the bay area, trying to create more interesting deep dives into events and concepts of “being human” and “technology” as they are dissected and explored in this intellectual hub of the world.

What can I share?

I have learned a lot about what it means to be human, to buy things online, and to live a life of wanting or needing less, in order to truly understand what “being” entails.

The upcoming posts I will make, are more about events I have attended, or places I wish I had gone to in the time I was in the city.

Things I have started:

Created a facebook page for SF Changemakers.  I would love your voice for that page.

Attended events in the area that I hope to write about here.

Started to curate all my Facebook feed on the fb.com/mediadisrupt page.


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