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Conscious Capitalism: Make your Mondays Matter #cc2013


Consicious Capitalism 2013 #cc2013

This a second article around my learnings from the Conscious Capitalism conference.

Given the choice, how would you do your life differently next Monday?

Mondays are tough for many people for whom Sunday ends their weekend. Yet whatever your schedules, “Monday” is the word used to mean the beginning of your work week.

How can you make your Mondays matter?

Two of the Conscious Capitalism sessions one by the Drucker Institute and another by Mathew Emerzian, Founder of EveryMondayMatters focused on exactly that, making Mondays Matter.

The Drucker Institute is based on the teachings of Peter F. Drucker, a self-described ‘social ecologist’. The institute is a social enterprise that tried to ‘ignite effective, responsible, and joyful management’. Their session on Making Monday Different was a hit! It required creative idea prototyping (for all you techy people you’re aware that most of us do our prototyping mainly on a computer!) using random assortment of fun crafts, and then sharing our ideas then going into a brainstorm with ourselves on how to implement something new for Monday. My team included the founder of TheMotleyFool and a gentleman who was the founder of the largest battery re-seller company in the world. All of us left with new views which I’ll share with you in a bit.

Every Monday Matters looked at us as people part if the experiment for shifting the mentality of ourselves and others. Matthew Emerzian, founder of Every Monday Matters, shared his touching story and made his session into something that truly shifted our views of what matters. We were given cards that say “why you matter”which was an opportunity to write to someone we love to tell them why they matter to us, as well as a time to tell everyone in the room why we ourselves matter. I chose to send my grandma a card, and said that I matter because I don’t give up on making a community where ever I am, even the virtual world. It was so much fun, and we were all give bracelets that say , “you matter”…!

What I got out of this weekend is simple, that in tech world, sometimes we all need a break to just say something simple to ourselves and others, which is that we matter. Sure our causes matter, but more so, our causes are being built buy us and we matter too.  Happy Monday everyone!


5 Work and 5 Life Tips of Making your Mondays Matter: 

  • Work: Communication Brainstorm: Pick something you want to Change communication wise at your work, and find a way to take the “next step” before noontime Monday to make it happen. 
  • Work: Make an Alternative Transportation Choice: Choose to bike/bus/carpool/or even ride a horse to work depending on where you live.
  • Work:  Mentor Someone: Find an intern or person who doesn’t know something you know at work and give them some support or help learning about your work.
  • Work: Flowers make Life better: Buy some flowers to spruce up your desk or someone else’s at work that has had a hard week/month/life.
  • Work: Vocalize Something Positive: Not always have the most awesome job on the world, so make it a point to say something great that you do enjoy about your work, maybe it can be something simple as that it keeps your awesome family eating food… Sometimes a bit of positivity makes the week go by faster.
  • Life: Love Freely:  Be bold and compliment someone new in your life, or a stranger for their great work/ help.
  • Life: Feed a Stranger: Get in line and pay for the guy/girl behind you in a shopping center for their groceries or go drop off some canned foods at your local food bank.
  • Life: Wake Up Happier: Choose a song you love and make it your alarm clock on Monday
  • Life: Help your Community: Choose an organization you enjoy and put time towards helping them on something you’re good at, or donate to them.
  • Life: Tell Someone Why They Matter: Write a Card to tell someone why you enjoy or appreciate and send it either via mail or give it to them on a Monday.

Matt Emerzian, founder of EveryMondayMatters. @norabean


Conscious Capitlism Craft times w/ Drucker Institute @norabean

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